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With The Team Behind Questo!

During our EntreCamp, we were privileged to meet the creators of Questo, Arya Vohra, Khush Jammu and Taichi Kato (well he wasn't there..). Firstly though, what is Questo?

Well, Questo enables users to take pictures of pages of their textbook, or any texts, and automatically generates open ended and MCQ quizzes for students to study and revise. And in order for the pictures to be accurate (and not at weird angles) they will have algorithms from their other creation, Photonify, and add a correcting mechanism that helps users take better pictures in real time.

Besides the Entre-Campers being awestruck by Arya's presentation, the team bedazzled us with the fact that they were Winners of IBM Bluemix Prize and 2nd Prize in Under 15 Category at IDEA Hacks Hackathon 2016 (with a grand total of $40 000 in prize!). With Arya's confidence that can only be earned through various competitive pitches and how innovative the whole team set out to be, we just needed to know more about them!

Thus, we interviewed the team through an email interview where Arya answered on behalf of the team with the very enthusiasm he showed during his presentation.

Here's the interview!

What sparked your interest and tell us more about it?
We've all always been into technology, and begun learning to code from the early age of 10-12. However, Questo was our first big project, and really drove our interest and passion much further.

How was the team formed?
We've been friends for ages, and all wanted to build something cool yet impactful.

How did you come up with ideas to start on a project?
We brainstormed around the problems that we face in our lives, and the technologies we wanted to explore.

What were the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome it?
We faced challenges of time management, considering that we had to balance schoolwork with a high workload from Questo. Additionally, we sometimes got sidetracked by opening discussion with investors, and learnt that time is always best spent moving forward into the future, as opposed to romanticising the present.

Can you share what drives you forward?
We are driven forward by the reward of building something that we not only enjoy using, but are impacted by. We are fuelled by the feedback and support of our peers, and their positive experiences using our products.

What do you think contributed to your success?
Passion and persistence. Stubbornness is an awfully helpful trait to have as a developer and entrepreneur.

What do you have in plan for the future to come?
We are looking to explore making more interactive experiences for our users, so we can see the tangible effects of our products.

Any advice or words of wisdom you would like to give to budding entrepreneurs?
Focus on the goal. Don't be overwhelmed by what you don't know, appreciate what you do know.

An inspiration indeed.

Don't just take my word for it, check Questo out @

Or feel free to reach out to these young entrepreneurs for yourself : Taichi Kato & Arya Vohra

Written by: Syifa, TPJC

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