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The Future of Learning

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Reactor co-organising The Future of Learning 2016

Reactor co-organised this as a medium for individuals from diverse backgrounds to voice concerns and provide perspective from multiple angles on the topic of the future of learning. These concerns were consolidated to provide supporting agencies with a broad view of ground-up worries, rooted in each stakeholder's experiences. 

We had students, educators, public and civil servants, private sector individuals in the education space or complementary industry join us at the event, together with people who cared about what the future of learning looked like and want to play a part in the conversation.

Reactor co-organising The Future of Learning 2016

Potential solutions to these problems were also crowd-sourced with collaborative effort in discussion groups, aggregated as future go-to references when needed.

Themes were determined before the event and set up as booths, and participants were instructed to move to the booth containing the theme that they resonated most with. We then kicked off the session by throwing out specific issues or concerns surrounding the theme. After grouping the problems into categories, discussion groups then went into solutioning mode to brainstorm various ideas to solve the problem categories.

Reactor co-organising The Future of Learning 2016

It was a pretty energizing and fun event overall. It was refreshing to see so many concerned enough about the future of education, enough to spend their Saturdays with us at the Future of Learning. We hope that these individuals will continue to strive their best in making a difference to the future of learning in their own fields, just as we are here at Reactor!

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