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Reactor Educator Network (REN) Sept '17: Data Science - Helping Students Thrive in a Digital Age

With Guest Speaker Annalyn Ng and held at Technopreneur Circle

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Data Science became slightly less confusing and a lot more fun at the REN Meetup held at our office space at Raffles City Tower, on 15th Sept 2017. We had lots of fun preparing and planning for this REN Meetup on Data Science: Helping Students Thrive in a Digital Age. We also had the honour of data scientist and author of "Numsense! Data science for the layman", Ms Annalyn Ng, as the guest speaker of this meetup.

Reactor facilitators setting up board to show what educators would like to learn about data science

Educators from various schools showed up and had an exclusive look at our office space at Technopreneur circle.

Data Scientist Sharing about data science to educators and teachers

During this REN Meetup, our guest speaker Ms Annalyn Ng brought teachers through the fundamentals of Data Science such as Data preparation which included:

  • How to save data in the right format
  • The importance of recording all data
  • How to engineer new variables that are more informative, be it manually designed or discovered through algorithms
  • How to treat missing data
  • Trend fitting to ensure trends are generalisable
Educators and teachers learning about data science which is a good entrepreneurial skill to have
Educators/teachers getting to know more about data science and how to pass it on to students
More discussion about data science among teachers/educators

Another activity we carried out at this REN meeting was “growing” Decision Trees. Decision Trees refer to using patterns in data to make predictions. The following is an example of a Decision Tree to predict the gender of a person based on their hobbies (just for you to get a rough idea of what a decision Tree is).

Entrepreneurship, Data science, decision tree, educators
Entrepreneurship, Educators, Data Science, decision tree

Of course, we had great welfare for the teachers : ) Hope you guys enjoyed the spread of chips and dips available! It was also very enjoyable to observe everyone bouncing off each other be it by providing feedback, ideas or opinions.

Big thank you to Annalyn for taking the time to come down to share her knowledge on Data Science. Her book “Numsense! Data Science for the Layman” was also available for purchase at the REN Meetup, which was not only a great hit with the teachers but the Reactor Team as well!

Books on Data Science, written by Data scientist, annalyn ng
Educators/teachers reading the book on Data science
Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Educators, Youth

Another huge thanks to all those who came down to join us at this Meetup! We hope you can share your takeaways with your students or colleagues and get them involved in the world of Data Science!

Entrepreneurship, Data science, educators, youth

Stay tuned for more updates on our next REN Meetups, where we will be covering various interesting topics that aim to get you and your students to learn beyond the classroom! If you are interested in joining our Reactor Educator Network, a community of educators dedicated to exposing students to entrepreneurial education, feel free to drop us an email at or fill up this typeform

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