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Reactor Celebrates Chinese New Year

· Reactor,Team

Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same without family, and that’s how the Reactor team ushered in the Lunar New Year.

Joined by a few of our Reactor Alumni, we gathered at the food court of Marina Bay Financial Centre and had a wonderful round of Louhei.

It’s the one time of the year where you get to showcase how well you can read PinYin while Googling Chinese well-wishes. The joy from laughing at each other’s botched pronunciations really set the precedence for the rest of the night.

(The good food didn’t hurt either)

We even got creative and used a salmon sashimi rose as the fish in our Louhei.

It was great seeing everyone and catching up with our Alumni.

May the Year of the Horse bring prosperity, growth, and great ideas. Here’s wishing you all a Happy Chinese New year!

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