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Reactor at SMU-Wharton Speakers Panel

A sharing by Reactor's Co-founder and Training Dragon, Weiyuan

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As part of the SMU-Wharton programme, our Co-founder and Training Dragon, Weiyuan, was invited to share about his thoughts on youth entrepreneurship, as well as Reactor’s progress in nurturing our young talents. With that, Weiyuan went further to explain Singapore’s education landscape and support framework which sparked discussion amongst the foreign students from Wharton Business School.

Held on the 19th of May, Weiyuan sat on a panel alongside two other esteemed entrepreneurs, Vincent Ha and Benjamin Twoon, co-founders of Gushcloud and Fundnel, respectively. The sharing was part of the SMU-Wharton programme, and was done to an audience of Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduates and Wharton Business School graduate and master’s students.

Apart from hearing the educator’s perspective, we also gained huge insight from Benjamin, who gave his take on Singapore’s startup ecosystem growth and the impetus for scaling one’s business abroad. Benjamin’s grit and entrepreneurial passion also saw him through an 80% pay-cut, in straying away from his private equity job. Yet, it seems that such challenges have also strengthened his vigour – Benjamin has recently set up a $1 million endowment fund, together with his buddy Jeff Tung, another business management graduate from SMU, to aid budding entrepreneurs that are facing the situation that he once did.

While much of the discussion centered on our nation’s advancement in cultivating a supportive startup environment, our panellists also cautioned against the romanticised notion of working in a startup. It was extremely humbling to witness Vincent reveal his “battle scars”, from failed ventures to numerous pivots in business strategy, that finally led to his success in building the influencer marketing and media company, Gushcloud. Perhaps, a takeaway from this eventful session would be the importance of staying humble and hungry, even when the going gets tough!

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