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NAFA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

6-8 May 2017 at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at NAFA in 2017

It was truly inspiring to watch a mix of talent, art, and skill at our entrepreneurship bootcamp, with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Upon teaching them the essentials of a start-up, we witnessed our impassioned youths fuse their artistic skills with their newly honed entrepreneurial mindsets, to pitch on solutions targeted at Singapore’s art scene.

Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at NAFA in 2017

Indeed, the intensive 3-day program was by no means easy for our students. During which, students were tasked to channel their energy towards identifying problem faced in their community, that they personally felt for.

We were also very lucky to have Deon and Gladys, who shared the hiccups and triumphs on their journeys in pursuing careers as both artists and co-founders in their respective companies, Tell Your Children and Gosh! Kids. Many thanks to our guest speakers, for granting us the opportunity to network and learn about the makings of a successful artist cum entrepreneur!

As the days passed, we also witnessed our students grow a fonder appreciation for the aspects of starting an enterprise, as they collaboratively built on their business ideas – some of which focused on promoting greater public interest towards art, and others on developing a stronger network of artists in Singapore.

Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at NAFA in 2017

What a great way it was, to simulate a real-world business situation! On the last day of the bootcamp, our young talents were invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, for a seed funding of $2,000. In the face of critical feedback, our students displayed great eagerness to justify and defend their solutions. Such results were heartening and we are immensely proud of them.

Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at NAFA in 2017

In addition, we would like to congratulate our winning team, for having a feasible yet innovative business model. We are excited to hear about their progress, in reshaping mindsets, to use paint as a mode to unwind and have fun!

Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at NAFA in 2017
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