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Mendaki Socialthon 2017

If you want to climb fast, climb alone.

If you want to climb high, climb together.

Reactor had the honour of partnering with Mendaki in their Socialthon held on the 22nd July 2017. Our facilitators reported bright and early at Suntec Convention Centre where the Mendaki Socialthon 2017 went down. The Guest-of-Honour for this Socialthon was none other than the Minister in-charge of Muslim Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim. Together with the team from Mendaki, everyone prepared for the welcoming of participants streaming into the hall.

Mendaki Socialthon 2017 in partnership with reactor

Registration Booth

Minister Yaacob is also the Minister for Communications and Information and Minister in charge of cyber security. In his speech, he reminded the youths that they are the future of society and have to take initiative to generate innovative solutions to solve the social issues prevalent in Singapore.

The mic was then passed on to guest speakers/mentors who shared more about their organisations and how their ideas generated made an impact on society.

Mizah Rahman from Participate in Design (P!D)

Shamir Rahim from Versafleet

Shamir Rahim from Versafleet

Juriyah Yatim from Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association
Julina Khusaini from Malay Heritage Centre

Julina Khusaini from Malay Heritage Centre

Akmal Abd Rahman from Thinkertanker

Akmal Abd Rahman from Thinkertanker

After being inspired by our guest speakers, it was time for participants to begin their own journey. They were tasked to form groups to generate ideas solving social issues plaguing Singapore. A total of 25 teams registered and got to work to solve the social issues presented to them from the category of their choice. Categories included Enterprise and Start-up culture, Technology, Innovation and Jobs, Society and Health, Liveability and the Environment and lastly Arts and Culture.

Mendaki Socialthon 2017 registration and teams

Team registration forms and team polaroids

Participants were also encouraged to sign up for Leadership Incubator programs to further develop their ideas after the Socialthon. More information on the program can be found below.

A cool bonus feature of the Socialthon was the Human Library Singapore, that aims to create a positive framework for conversations. Each “human library book” was there with the purpose of challenging stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. Participants were given the opportunity to interact with the human library and gain more insight into the unconventional social issues in Singapore.

Mendaki Socialthon 2017 Human Library Reactor

Overall, Mendaki Socialthon 2017 met its objectives to inspire participants to generate ideas to solve social issues in Singapore. In fact, a handful of participants expressed their enthusiasm when they requested for the softcopy version of ideas we had displayed during the event.

It was heartwarming to witness participants with such passion to overcome social issues in Singapore and we would like to thank Mendaki for partnering with us to hold such a meaningful event.

More details on the Leadership Incubator Program:

Leadership Incubator Reactor
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