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Business Mentors Visit Peirce Secondary School

Speaking to industry mentors is one key element of our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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Teachers and ourselves alike, are inspired when we witness our students enthusiastically build their prototypes and see their ideas coming to life.

During Reactor's Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, we make sure that we keep our students grounded in their ideas and their viability. On top of the frameworks that we teach them, we invite business mentors and industry experts to class to critique and share their two cents on the idea.

Business Mentors Visit Peirce Secondary School as part of Reactor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

While the mentors might come from an industry not directly related to the students' products, they give advice on the business' foundation like market sizing, revenue channels, etc.

Practice makes perfect - the more people we pitch to, the better we get at pitching. Plus, we get to learn what are some common questions people ask, and fortify our pitches.

It's definitely important for all our students to make mistakes in a supportive and honest environment. Our trainers and facilitators seek to create that space, and prepare our students for what's to come when they pitch to the public!

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