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Achievement Unlocked: Getting Students to Enjoy Learning

An innovative Masterclass on Idea Validation

When one thinks of a classroom, one might imagine a scene of sedentary students coping with the hour-long drone of a lecturer.

But not for Rusydi. In the NUS Entrepreneurship Launchpad 2017, Rusydi’s Masterclass for Idea Validation had the use of Gamification to get students up on their feet and engaged in Active Learning.

He started the masterclass with a warm-up activity which sorted students into three different ‘Character Class’ (Hacker, Hipster, Hustler) that reflected their personalities.

Everyone had to form a team with all three classes to tackle a Challenge Statement together. The classroom instantly became abuzz with life as everyone mingled together looking to form teams.

Armed with quest sheets, students were provided with a wealth of online resources and video tutorials to guide them along the journey. This gave students the autonomy to direct their own learning and synthesize the learning into application at their own pace.

By using a flipped classroom teaching method, students learn a multitude of skills such as the Validation Board and Minimum Viable Product through first-hand experience.

Different ‘Character Classes’ also have different sets of tasks catered to their attributes and strengths. A ‘Hipster’ will have to manage the branding and publicise on social media while a ‘Hacker’ was tasked to build a paper prototype. After all, startups have to be relentlessly resourceful and celebrating the strengths of each individual is the first step to take.

In the debrief, Rusydi wrapped up his Masterclass with a surprise; the Challenge Statements were in fact real-life startup businesses! By sharing the inspirational stories of these youth entrepreneurs, the students were able to see the applicability of the theories they have just learnt.

Perhaps the spirit of Entrepreneurship can be incorporated into education as well. With a sprinkle of innovation and a dash of creativity, learning can be spiced up too!

Written by: Amy Zhu Hong Yue

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