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3 Key Takeaways from Bett Asia 2019 in Kuala Lumpur

What we learnt from the region’s eminent EduTech conference

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Article by Joshua Poh

#TeamReactor members Elaine, Vincent and Jian Liang are back from an

action-packed 3 days exhibiting at BETT Asia 2019 in Kuala Lumpur!

At the region’s eminent education-related conference in the region, we shared our insights on entrepreneurship education with educators in ASEAN. We also saw the latest developments in education technology (EdTech) like 3D printing, student profiling, and VR learning.

Educators face the challenge of preparing their students for an uncertain future. Which evergreen skills should they focus on developing in the 21st century? How can they harness technology and digital initiatives to inculcate these skills in their students?

With those two questions in mind, BETT attracted prominent names in education and EduTech around the world. Halls were abuzz with plenty of conversations between educators and edtech providers to address these learning challenges.

Couldn’t make it to BETT? We’ve summarised some of our key insights from thought leaders in the education space.

1. Encourage innovation in schools by encouraging and equipping teachers with resources to implement their ideas

To encourage innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in students, invest in your teachers first.

Speaking at BETT, Dulwich College International (DCI) Group’s Staci Kalmbacher shared the impact of launching the Pioneering Spirit Grant for teachers across their school network in 2018. The award recognizes teacher-led innovative approaches to learning through technology.

Winners are free to reimagine their classroom, teaching approach and the milestones they want to achieve with their students.

To create a culture of innovation, we need to listen to teachers’ ideas, then give them the resources they need to make those ideas a reality.

Staci Kalmbacher

Dulwich College International (DCI) Group

DCI has since extended the programme to students following positive feedback from teachers.

2. The demand for entrepreneurship curriculum in the classroom is increasing

Schools and educational vendors search for innovative tools and lesson frameworks to cultivate the creative ability to solve real-world problems through entrepreneurship.

In particular, the New Delhi government in India is putting more emphasis on entrepreneurship curriculum in its schools to “think out of the box” in 2019.

There is a need for new-age thinking and students should not fear it. There is a need to identify the problem and the solutions we have, and how that problem can be solved.

Manish Sisodia

Education Minister in the Delhi government

3. Numerous EduTech innovations on display from renowned technology vendors.

We were intrigued by several technological developments being showcased during our conversations with fellow exhibitors and technology vendors.

Photo Source: BETT Asia 2019

Several initiatives to highlight:

  • 3D printing: This proved particularly popular and attracted large crowds during demonstrations. For example, students can learn to build educational objects like percussion instruments or gain awareness about the environment by creating zero waste bottles.

  • Personal profiling tools to identify and optimize learning methods for students: Edtech provider GL Education showcased several diagnostic and benchmarking assessments to support learning in schools. Educators can profile students, identify their preferred learning methods and sort them into classes specially catered for their strengths.

  • VR learning is increasing in popularity Leading the discussion on the shift to Classroom 3.0, demonstrators from Singapore-based Eon Reality showcased the power of AVR to transform the classroom and pedagogical methods.

We enjoyed our time at BETT Asia 2019!

Thank you to the organizers for such a smooth and action-packed conference!

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